Take Care of Your Whole Self

Take Care of Your Whole Self

Good health includes your ears

While we should be taking good care of our health from the time we’re young, many of us take that time for granted. As we age (and we all age), it becomes even more important to ensure we’re doing what we can to stay healthy. Don’t just think about your heart, brain and joint health. Your ears are important too!

Your hearing over time

When we grow older, the cells that help us hear can deteriorate due to a variety of factors, including high blood pressure, cardiovascular issues, smoking, and prolonged exposure to loud sounds. Whatever the cause, our ability to hear can begin to decline and it may not be noticeable immediately. You’ll start to lose clarity, but not the ability to detect loudness and this can mean you can hear people, but you may not be able to make out what they're saying. Or you can figure it out, but it takes concentration. If this is you, now is the time to have your hearing tested.

Face the music

Hearing loss is about more than having to turn up the television or ask people to speak up. People with hearing loss are more likely to have cognitive decline.

Better hearing can keep you ‘out in the world’ and that keeps your brain active. “Hearing loss as we age is subtle and gradual, and many people don't notice it right away,” says Cristina Carteri, owner of Optimal Hearing in Regina. “This may lead people to socialize and talk less, which is a risk factor for memory loss.”

Your hearing is also connected to your equilibrium. Your ears help you know where you are in your space, playing a major part of how you keep your balance and avert falling. As we age, our chance of falling grows—and good hearing can prevent the falls that can be harmful to our health.

Get ahead

Having your hearing tested early can help you prevent issues in the future. It’s easy and painless, and Carteri and the team at Optimal Hearing are ready to help you stay healthy now and in the future. “The first step is a test,” says Carteri. “From there, we can take steps to help you get back on track with the hearing help you might need.”

Learn more about what Optimal Hearing can do for you at optimalhearing.ca or call (306) 559.4411.

Did you know? One in four people aged  65 to 74—and half of those 75 and older—have some hearing loss? However, less  than one in five adults who need hearing aids wear them.

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