The Whole Nine Yards

The Whole Nine Yards

Weed Pro Takes Care of You All Year Long

Yard work. While some of us love to putter outside and keep our yards spic and span, others would rather leave the work to the experts. Enter Weed Pro Regina. Whether you want the occasional lawn check-up or a full yard maintenance service, they can do it all—and they do it well.

Owner Marc Russell has been in the yard care business since 2004, and his locally owned and operated business keeps the city’s lawns looking great. “We love what we do, and it shows with the service we provide,” says Marc. “We’ve created a committed team that enjoy the work, the customers and working with each other.”

Weed Pro offers a full suite of lawn and yard care services including weed control, fertilizing, aeration, mowing, over seeding, mosquito control, insect control and more. Busy homeowners or those that need extra help can get lawn maintenance all season long. Customers can choose the level of service they need, from a single service to regular maintenance. “Our programs are customized to what you need,” says Marc.

With fall around the corner, now is the time to squeeze in a lawn aeration before it’s too late and get your underground sprinklers blown out. “Lawns can benefit from an aeration in late summer or early fall,” says Marc. “Plus, we offer sprinkler blowout services to get your underground system ready for winter.”

Put that shovel down.

Weed Pro offers snow removal services, getting the white stuff out of your way fast. Whether you need it all season long or by the month, learn more at or call 306.591.5921 for a free quote.

Weed Pro can also take care of your yard in the winter with their snow removal services. The company has been removing snow for 17 years and they are ready to take on your yard. “Why shovel when you can leave it to the experts?” says Marc.

Whatever your yard requires, you can count on the Weed Pro team. Their commitment to quality service is second-to-none, and it shows from the time they answer the phone to the job getting done. “Sometimes people are surprised when they call us and get a real, live person on the other end,” laughs Marc. “Communication with our customers is important to us, and it starts right from the first time they call us. Our office staff are experienced, knowledgeable and friendly. They’re ready to help you out.”

Let Weed Pro’s expert team take care of your yard. Learn more at or call 306.591.5921 for a free quote.

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