To the Wall

To the Wall

Let Wallpaper Breathe New Life into Your Home

If you’re new to wallpaper, try experimenting in a smaller space such as a powder room, dining room, or entryway.

Wallpaper is back in and it’s nothing like the florals and kitchen prints from the 1980s. It’s fresh, fun and bold and it’s a wonderful way to add flair to any space in your home—and it’s surprisingly easy to install. Pick Your Space First, you have to decide where you want

to place your wallpaper. Is it for a small bathroom, or the feature wall of your living room? Think about the scale of the room versus the scale of the pattern you want to use. Also, consider how the wallpaper will work with any art you have for the room, and how it will have to stand up to the room’s use. For example, do you have kids that will touch it over and over again? If so, make sure the wallpaper can take a beating. Select a Style When you have determined where the wallpaper is going, now you have to pick your style. Consider the look of the room and your overall aesthetic. If your space is formal, think about classic papers such as handpainted designs or damask. To create some serious wow factor with bold décor, you’ll want

to check out metallic, flocked, glitter or embossed designs. If your style is more laidback, simple plant, florals or textures will work well. If you lean more into country chic, try ginghams, plaids or retro farmhouse looks. For rustic décor, check out textures and nature designs. If you’re into Bridgerton and Jane Austen-era style, floral damasks will be perfect. Modern styles, whether mid-century or today, calls for geometric and abstract patterns.

Choose a Palette

Once you have a space and pattern in mind, you now need to consider your colour palette. Select colours from the palette you have in the room. The accent colour is a great choice for your wallpaper to make the paper pop. If you want something more subdued, go with a hue like the main paint colour in the room.

Hit the Books

Now that you have your space, pattern and palette picked, it’s time to look at the reams of choices in wallpaper books. You can decide between plain and patterned papers. Plain paper can add interest in a room with lots of pattern, and patterned papers can do the reverse for simple décor. You don’t have to pick small patterns for small rooms and big patterns for big rooms. In fact, small spaces with big patterns can add serious drama to your home. Small patterns work well in big spaces where there are lots of ‘breaks’ in the wall space such as art, windows and doors. Textured papers can add depth and horizontal stripes can add the feeling of height.

Have Fun

Whatever you choose, have fun with it. Get advice on how to install the paper from your wallpaper supplier and get the right tools for the job. Be sure carefully consider the care and maintenance instructions. It might seem intimidating, but wallpaper is a simple way to add interest and style to your home. One weekend can transform a space with the right wallpaper treatment.