Warm & Fuzzy

Warm & Fuzzy

Fall Décor Ideas for Home and Hearth

Fall. The season of crisp mornings, cool nights, crunchy leaves and pumpkin spice. We’re starting to think about slow cookers and soups, binge watching what we’ve been saving all summer, and tucking in under blankets with a good book. It’s also the time to put away the light and bright summer décor and prepare for the coming cool (and cold) weather and shorter days.

Cozy please. A blanket ladder, basket or box can add charm and warmth to your space. Blankets can be simple neutrals and textures, or something fun like Grandma’s afghan or quilted handiwork for a pop of colour.

Earth tones. Tan, taupe, warm brown, burgundy and lush greens are this year’s fall palette.

Rough and ready. Textures add depth to décor. The easiest way to add texture is with throw pillows and throws. Mix smooth with bumpy or rough and keep the colour palette simple.

Rattan returns. The rattan we saw in the 1980s is back and cooler than ever, and caning is too. Check VarageSale and Facebook Marketplace for vintage pieces or check your favourite home décor store for the 2020s version of the classic look.

Viva velvet. Like rattan, velvet is here again. The fabric is perfect for accent chairs, throw pillows and ottomans.

Mother nature. Fall décor always includes natural elements and this season is no exception. Think about dried leaves or branches in vases, natural wreathes, stone elements and driftwood for décor pieces that pop.

Go golden. Warm up your décor with brass and gold this fall. Instead of shiny brass, look for matte gold tones in picture frames, knobs, and hardware.

Light it up. Lamps, lanterns and wall sconces add warmth and coziness in the fall. Turn off the overhead lights and add light with lamps and warm bulbs. Candles also always add warmth to any space—perfect for tables, mantels and shelves.

Big knits. Grandma was onto something with her knitting needles. Embrace cozy knits in poufs, throws and pillows.

Get geometric. Lines, shapes and forms are found in art and in furniture. Tables aren’t just squares and rectangles anymore.