Welcome to the jungle

Welcome to the jungle

Decorating with plants

If you’re looking for ideas on how to jazz up a room in your home or give a space a new look—have you considered adding plants?

Indoor plants are an excellent way to breathe new life into your décor. There’s a plant for every space whether you have the greenest of thumbs or need some practice keeping green things going. 

Plus, keeping plants in your home or office can benefit your overall health and wellness. Research has found that spaces with plants have less dust and mold than rooms without plants. Plants act as natural filters to catch allergens and other airborne particles. House plants can also add much-needed moisture to the air, which is excellent during our long, dry winters. Finally, plants can make you feel good. Studies have shown that indoor plants can make you feel more relaxed and can reduce stress.

So, how can you add some indoor plants to your home? Let’s get started!

Succulents and cacti

These days, succulents and cacti are all the rage on Instagram. These low-maintenance plants can add neat geometric patterns to your space. Liven up an entertainment centre with a group of succulents, and large cacti or a snake plant can add a sculptural feel to the corner of a living room or dining area.

Hot and humid

You can bring a touch of the jungle to bright windows with tall tropicals such as fiddle-leaf fig, jade or areca palm. Plant stands work great for smaller tropicals like aloe vera, croton and gardenia. You can also add hangers for burro tail, boston fern, and spider plant.

Collect ‘em all

Plant collections can also add fresh flair to any room. There are plenty of shelves, pots and baskets to display foliage. A basic bookshelf can get new life with African violet, philodendron, and Christmas cactus. Don’t be afraid to add interest with the plant pots themselves. Large pots can stand on their own and add style, and smaller pots are perfect for groups on tables, dressers and shelves.

Steam it up

The bathroom is also an excellent place to add greenery. Look for plants that love heat and humidity. Spider plant, English ivy, Peace lily and pothos are all great for the bathroom.

Things to consider

When decorating with plants, there are a few things to think about. Consider the amount of light in the space and buy plants that will thrive in the light you have. Get to know your plants and the care they need. If you’re new to indoor plants, start with easy care plants and work your way up to plants that need more TLC. If you have pets or small children that might “take a bite,” make sure poisonous plants are out of reach. Finally, have fun. Plants can be more than just décor—indoor gardening can be a fun and relaxing way to enjoy nature right where you are.