What to wear this spring

What to wear this spring

Spring style you’ll love

It’s time to put away the parkas and prepare for warm days with plenty of sun. These style trends will keep you fashion-forward all season long.

·       Cool crochet. This isn’t afghan season anymore. Crochet gets classy with paired up with suits and in sets. 

·       Cardigan crazy. Move over, big sweaters. This season’s cardigans are smaller, retro looks that have a ‘shrug’ style to them.

·       Mini pop. Mini skirts are here to show off legs as the weather warms up. Pair them with a smart blazer or a slouchy sweater with a pair of knee-high boots.

·       Gingham isn’t just for picnics. This fun pattern is perfect for warm days and bright style. It looks cute with sequins or plush fabric.

·       Bright white. Don’t wait until May to break out your favourite white look. White maxi dresses and crisp white shirts are classic looks you can’t go wrong with.

·       Underwear out. Bra tops are here and perfect paired with suits, jackets and pleats. 

·       Big jackets. While cardigans might be smaller, jackets are not. Big, boxy and bright, they’re made for layering with form fitting tops.

·       Forget the 90s because the 2000s are back. Crop tops, preppy skirts and plaid are 2000s trends finding new life in the 2020s. 

·       Neon lights. Move over neutrals, the brights are here for spring. Neon t-shirts and button-downs in wild colours should find their way into your wardrobe. 

·       Green is the colour. There isn’t a more perfect colour for spring than green. Add pops of green with your shoes, handbag, sweater or accessories.

·       Colours of the rainbow. Beyond green, trendy colours for spring include lilac, sunny yellow, hot pink, caramel, scarlet and sky blue. 

·       Thud into spring. Chunky sandals are a great way to welcome spring and show off your on-trend pedi. 

·       Step up. 70s style platforms are also back with a 2020s twist, as are the favourite shoe of 70s TV moms—the clog.

·       Funky heels. Did you know the heel of your shoe doesn’t have to be boring? Designers are having lots of fun with the heel. 

·       Wedges rock. We’re not done with the 70s. These wedges are more stylized and sculptural, but they’re still wedges.

·       Round up. Points and almond toes are over. Say hello to a simple round toe this spring.