Working hand-in-hand for your home

Working hand-in-hand for your home

JDE Design & Drafting and Jillian’s Design Elements bring their expertise to every home project

JDE Design & Drafting

If you’re considering a new home build or a home renovation, it can be hard to know where to start. With all the sources of inspiration available today from design magazines to Pinterest and Houzz, the design process can be overwhelming. Fear not Moose Jaw, there is help available. Karrin Saliger, owner at JDE Design & Drafting (and an instructor at Sask Polytech Moose Jaw’s Architectural Technology Program) has been designing custom homes and creating renovation plans since 2007, and she has plenty of advice and experience to share with you.

“The first thing to consider is what you like, and what you don’t,” says Karrin. “Before I meet with a client, I ask them to come with a list of things they love and hate. That helps narrow our focus and start getting into what you want from your home.”

Next, think about what you need from your space. Are you building a new home for a growing family, or downsizing into something smaller? Do you need space to entertain? Do you need a home office or a space for hobbies? Also, think about the future—will your space needs change in the years to come? “I go over clients’ needs, wants and expectations,” says Karrin. “From there, I start designing based on their vision.”

Karrin creates a plan for an initial review, and then works with her clients to refine their vision into a final plan. From there, she is available to do 3D renderings, help with finishing choices, talk to builders, discuss permit problems with the city engineers and more.

“Whether you want to build a home from the ground up, add onto your existing home or renovate, I can help make your vision a reality,” says Karrin. 

Learn more about JDE Design & Drafting at or call 306.684.0564.

JDE Design & Drafting

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Jillian’s Design Elements

We spend a lot of time at home, and it’s important to make our home a place we want to be. Jillian’s Design Elements has been helping people create beautiful spaces since 2007, proudly celebrating 15 years last October. “It’s been fifteen years and we have seen a lot of change and evolution since we started,” says Jillian Bookout, owner. “Through it all, it’s been the customers that have made the time so wonderful.”

Jillian’s is still going strong, bringing the Moose Jaw area a fantastic array of furniture, home decor and gifts and great design advice to go with it. “Our mission is always to go above and beyond and build trust with our customers. It’s what sets us apart from the big box stores.”

Jillian also stays on top of the latest trends in home design and decor. 2023 is bringing lots of textures, light wood accents like whitewashed oak, and lots of white with gold accents. Natural, neutral colour palettes are also hot, and beige is back. “Beige doesn’t have to be boring,” says Jillian. “Monochrome comes alive with texture and pops of cognac, gold and black.”

You can also find fantastic made-in-Canada furniture at Jillian’s that can be customized to you or bought right from the store floor. The team at Jillian’s can help you find the pieces that fit your space, style and budget, and the accessories to finish the look.

Whatever you’re in the market for, Jillian’s has something for everyone and every space. “Our store has everything from art, home decor and furniture to purses, jewelry and giftware,” says Jillian. “Our in-house design service can guide your home decorating project with consultations on everything from paint colour to major home renovations.”

Serving customers in Moose Jaw and area since 2007, Jillian’s Design Elements is a place to come and be inspired. Visit them in-store at 621 Main Street N in Moose Jaw and online at You can follow on Facebook and Instagram to stay current on new arrivals, projects and promotions.

Jillian’s Design Elements

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Bringing to all together

Besides sharing a love for design, decor and all things home, Karrin Saliger and Jillian Bookout are also family. The two women are cousins and share a love for all things home. Together, they can create a home that you’ll love from idea to reality.

Karrin can draw up the plans for a home build, addition or renovation, and Jillian can help you select the finishings, furniture and decor that will make the space truly yours.

“My advice to anyone considering a custom home or renovation is that it will take longer than you think,” says Karrin. “There will be many drafts and changes along the way. Be prepared and be patient. It will be worth it.”

Jillian’s advice comes once you have a space to fill with your style. First, know what you want your space to do functionally. Next, plan ahead. For example, don’t order any flooring before you know what your tile, cabinets and countertops will look like—and how they will work with your lighting. The same is true for furniture. Even if your budget doesn’t allow for you to get everything at the same time, plan for the big picture to avoid regretting any decisions. 

“Before you purchase anything, plan for everything. It’s important to see all the materials together before you commit to anything. Once you see everything you like together, then you can better see what works and what doesn’t and buy what you really love. Invest in quality items that will last where you can reinvent spaces with the seasons. Also, don’t forget about the details. The finishing touches are like icing on the cake. The accessories are really what gives your space personality and makes a house a home.”