Waterproof Decking and So Much More!

Are you tired of vinyl decking or concrete resurfacing products that just don't last? What if you could find an exterior surface coating that lasted for years AND looked great? Maybe they're too expensive, or they don't look as good as you want them to. Or maybe they fade and peel off after a few years, leaving you with an ugly mess that needs to be fixed again. We have the solution for you! PRO Surfaces is proud to offer the best exterior coating and concrete resurfacing products on the market today, Flexstone and Terrafuse! But what makes these products so much better than anything else available? Let us tell you!

PRO Surfaces was founded in 2012. We found that many exterior coating products offered in Saskatchewan didn't work well for our climate or just didn't work how they should. One of the main issues we noticed was with vinyl decking and other deck coating products. When we discovered Flexstone, a urethane product that was built to withstand the harsh weather conditions of ski resorts— we brought it to Regina and PRO Surfaces was born! It wasn't long before another common issue Regina's resident faced was brought to our attention. Cracked pavement or concrete driveways, patios, and walkways caused by ground shifting. PRO Surfaces grew again and began to offer an outstanding concrete resurfacing product, Terrafuse. PRO Surfaces still proudly runs today and has grown into the PRO Group of Companies. Through PRO Surfaces, PRO Lighting and PRO Awnings, we can offer our customers everything they need to revitalize their outdoor living spaces and the exterior of their homes.

PRO Surfaces is an authorized Flexstone dealer. Flexstone is the best alternative to vinyl decking and other deck sealing and waterproofing products. Flexstone is a unique waterproof coating system that is environmentally friendly, durable, flexible, slip-resistant and strong enough to withstand Saskatchewan's harsh climate. The Flexstone team wanted to create something that would last for years. This led them to create a unique product that could stand up against heavy traffic and the elements. Flexstone was tested in Canada's harshest climates to ensure durability. Flexstone has become an essential part of many homes in Saskatchewan. It can be used for decks, balconies, patios, walkways, garage floors, steps, pool decks and flat roofs! With its easy installation process, durability and rich colour options, Flexstone will make any project look great! 

PRO Surfaces is also an authorized Terrafuse dealer. Terrafuse is an innovative and environmentally friendly concrete resurfacing product that can be used to repair damaged concrete without needing demolition and replacement. Terrafuse INC. has used their expertise and experience to create a product that can be used across multiple industries. Terrafuse is perfect for repairing and rebuilding crumbling stairs and edges, fixing cracks in cement floors, and building up grading around houses. We often use it to repair concrete before applying a surface coating, but Terrafuse can also be used as a standalone resurfacing product. Terrafuse's unique formulation allows it to penetrate the surface of your concrete, rejuvenating and restoring its strength and colour. Terrafuse is the perfect solution for both interior and exterior applications!

At PRO Surfaces, we are committed to customer satisfaction. We understand that every project is unique and requires a different kind of surface for various applications. Our experienced team will work with you to find the best solution for your project needs. Our employees are insured and trained in the best installation methods and techniques for delivering quality service to our customers. We back our products with industry-leading warranties to ensure your satisfaction. Whether you're looking to refresh your pool deck, patio or deck, add some curb appeal, or create a functional space for entertaining guests, The experts at PRO Surfaces can help!