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TMI Certified is your gateway to easy home management

Think about what it would mean for you if your home was always at its best and you didn’t have to do anything yourself to get it that way, freeing up so much time for the people and things you love. It is possible and easier than you imagine with a team of experts overseeing every detail of your home's maintenance and renovations and ensuring things are taken care of before a problem starts. TMI Certified (TMI) can deliver that dream, offering a brand-new approach to private home management. “We know how valuable both your time and your home are, and we’re here to help you with it,” says Maxwell Tufts, Vice-President of Operations at TMI.

TMI understands the importance of convenience, offering evening and weekend support to ensure you have access to services when it suits you best.

One call = easy oversight
TMI recognizes that today’s modern life is a busy one, whether you're a working professional, a parent managing a growing family, or enjoying a well-deserved retirement. TMI assists by taking over your home management and maintenance requirements, allowing you time to focus on doing what you love. “Our membership service allows you to pick the level of care your home requires,” explains Maxwell. "You’re assigned a Home Resource Manager who works with you to oversee your scheduled maintenance and home improvement projects from start to finish. For a small yearly fee, your time can become yours while a professional handles your home’s needs.”

Each Home Resource Manager is an industry professional with experience to oversee your home’s needs from end-to-end, including both maintenance and renovations. With access to hundreds of services and qualified providers, they ensure your projects are completed efficiently and on time, every time. “Our dedicated Home Resource Managers and vetted, experienced professionals that can handle whatever your home throws at them and can catch any possible issues before they become a problem and help you plan for them,” says Maxwell.

Discover the freedom of enjoying a meticulously managed home with TMI Certified. Say goodbye to home maintenance stress and hello to a lifestyle where your home is always at its best.

It's that easy.
Enjoying impeccable service from someone who understands your needs and your home., your Home Resource Manager becomes your go-to expert for all your home’s needs, freeing up your time, without surprises, always knowing what to expect and what you're paying for.  

This translates further for those caring for other family members, like aging parents and relatives who require support to age in their own homes. “Often, we’re not just managing our own homes but helping out mom and dad or grandma and grandpa as well,” says Maxwell. “Why take it all on yourself when you can get professional assistance when you need it?” For those assisting with multiple households a Certified membership streamlines the process and ensures the support is available to help with questions and more whether you are or not.

Get it all now.
Becoming a member of TMI is straightforward: you simply choose the management plan that aligns with your lifestyle, budget, and needs. Once you’re onboard, you're introduced to your dedicated Home Resource Manager. Together, you collaborate on your personalised home service plan, including current and future maintenance needs. From there, let TMI take care of your home while you do the things you like with the people you love.

Contact TMI today at 1 877-225-4TMI (4864) or locally at 1 306-261-7669 to learn more about membership plans and how they can transform your home life experience. You can also find them online at tmicertified.com and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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