An Attic For All Seasons

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Question: What do the attic experts deal with most?

Answer: Issues related to vapor barriers. The function of a vapor barrier is to limit the migration of water vapor. This is critical in the attic, where the attic assembly must control the penetration and infusion of warm conditioned interior air, related to the outdoor temperatures.

Often, the attic needs to be brought up to the quality of the rest of the home.

We call it the ABCs of renovations.

Typically, when we renovate, we start with the centre of the home dealing with new windows, new exterior insulation, new house wrap, new siding—the stuff we can see and touch.

Then, we move on to the basement, finishing the walls and ceilings with spray foam on the walls and rim joists, upgrading the furnace to high efficiency and more.

We do all this work to make our home better but what did we forget? The attic, the poor old attic! It’s still the same with that old vapor barrier that was never designed to function with state-of-the-art products like energy-efficient windows and high-efficiency furnaces.

What happens when we neglect the attic? The increased efficiency due to home renovations below put a significant demand on the attic. Basically, a new home under an old attic causes problems. This is where the attic experts come in.

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