Because There is no Place Like Hope

Hope’s Home is the first medically inclusive daycare in Canada

Hope’s Home is a non-profit providing inclusive care where kids with complex medical and typical needs learn, grow and thrive. Most childcare centres are not equipped to care for children with specialized medical needs, leaving families and caregivers without the support they require. Hope’s Home provides these families with a safe and inclusive environment for their children to play and be kids regardless of their medical needs.

“People often say they can’t imagine what it’s like to have a child with medical needs. I’m sure they could imagine it if they tried, but I think what they mean is that they can’t imagine how to survive it.” - Sarah, Hope’s Home parent

Hope’s Home was founded in 2005 by CEO Jacqueline Tisher. Jacque’s eyes were opened to the world of complex medical care for children after the birth of her first daughter Acacia, who was born with spina bifida in 1993. Being a mother to Acacia inspired Jacque to become a foster mom and in 2003 she welcomed Hope Dawn Marie to her family. Hope’s life was beautiful but short. In February 2004, she passed away at just 10 months old, spending much of her life at the Regina General Hospital. During her time with Hope, Jacque quickly realized that the care available in a hospital setting was not available to families with medically complex children at home. In Hope’s honour, Hope’s Home opened its doors in Regina on November 1, 2005. 

Now Hope’s Home supports families and kids at early learning centres in Regina, Prince Albert, and Warman. Two early learning centres will open to support Saskatoon families in 2024. 

“My daughter was born with spina bifida. Because of her diagnosis, she requires a wheelchair and has a VP shunt that requires daily medical monitoring. Inclusivity is what distinguishes Hope’s Home. When I send her to daycare, I can breathe a little easier because I know she’s in the care of professionals who ensure her needs are being met.” – Sarah, Hope’s Home Parent

Hope’s Home also provides supportive living for children with complex medical needs requiring long term care — becoming their family home. In these homes across the province, Hope’s Home provides 24-hour nursing care as well as physical, occupational and/or speech therapy.

Through the support of the Ministry of Social Services, their teams work to provide a permanent place for children to grow up with a support system that is there for them from birth until 18 years of age. This ensures children with complex medical needs remain children in every aspect of their lives. From appointments and treatments, community outings, support with schoolwork, and discovering passions and hobbies, their Supportive Living Homes give children a place to grow up with the love and family they deserve.

The dream of Hope’s Home has come true thanks to the incredible generosity of donors of all kinds. These dollars fundraised are vital to the operation of our organization and ensure that all locations across Saskatchewan get proper resources. It allows them to provide a completely inclusive environment for over 390 kids.

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