Bring your Yard to Life

Garden Girl has the shrubs and perennials that add beauty and interest

Regina’s Garden Girl, Ariel Cote,  and her team at 1070 MacDonald Street have the advice and plants, shrubs and trees to make your yard an oasis this summer and for seasons to come. While you might be thinking planting time is over, it’s not — it’s the perfect time to add shrubs and perennials to your yard or garden.

Perennials are low-maintenance plants that return year after year, saving you time and effort in the garden. Plus, once they’re established they require minimal watering and fertilization. Their root systems also help prevent soil erosion and improve its structure. You can select varieties that can bloom from spring through fall, adding a display of colour and beauty in your garden.  “Perennials can make maintaining your yard even easier, because they come up every year, and spread out,” says Ariel. “There are options for sunny and shady spots, and they can attract pollinators like bees, birds and butterflies.” Lily, iris, foxglove, liatris, dianthus, yarrow, daylily, bleeding heart and hydrangea are all excellent choices for Saskatchewan gardens. “Just ask us what will work for your space,” says Ariel. “And don’t be afraid to mix flowers into your vegetable garden. They help attract pollinators.”

Shrubs are also a fantastic addition to yards and gardens. Often the backbone of a landscape, they set the markers for height and provide structure and form to your landscape while adding visual interest and enhancing curb appeal. They can create natural privacy barriers, hide unsightly views (say goodbye to that messy neighbour) or enhance secluded spaces. Shrubs also act as windbreaks and can reduce street noise. Perhaps best of all, they provide shelter, nesting sites, and food sources for birds, bees and other beneficial insects. “Shrubs come in so many sizes, shapes, and colours,” says Ariel. “We have a great selection of options for any space and many are heat/drought tolerant and rabbit/deer resistant.” Among her favourites is ninebark — an easy-care shrub that comes in a variety of foliage colours like green, rust, burgundy and black. “We can help you find the shrub that works best for your yard, and the trees too,” she says. “‘Sue the Tree Lady’ is here to help you make the right choices.”

Visit Ariel, Sue and the Garden Girl team at 1070 MacDonald Street in Regina. You can also learn more online at, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Photos by With This Lens Photography