Expand Your Horizons

Go see the wonder in your own backyard

Do you believe that true adventure means you have to head out for destinations faraway? You don’t need to book a plane ticket and rack up serious miles for an amazing vacation. Whether you have one afternoon or a whole summer to explore, here are some places that are worth a look and they’re all found right here!

Exploring nature's sculptures and historical treasures: The mystique of Big Muddy
The Big Muddy badlands present a stunning display of nature's craftsmanship, evoking images of the "wild west" outlaws of yesteryear. At the core of Big Muddy lies Castle Butte, a majestic remnant from the ice age standing 70 meters tall. This geological wonder acted as a crucial landmark for First Nations peoples, the North-West Mounted Police, and early settlers alike. Today, you can find traces of past civilizations with stone effigies, ceremonial circles, and buffalo jumps scattered throughout the area.

Be part of history: Motherwell Homestead
A visit to the Motherwell Homestead is a must for history enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the life of over a century ago at this meticulously preserved homestead site. Enjoy a hayride, wander along the wetland trail, meet the farm animals, and indulge in delightful treats at the on-site café.

Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park. Photo credit: Tourism Saskatchewan, Paul Austring

Hit the trails: An abundance of hiking options
Embark on an adventure with the multitude of hiking trails in and around Regina. Explore the scenic paths at Condie Nature Refuge, Wascana Trails, and White Butte Trails Recreation Site. For a slightly more distant trek, venture to Nicolle Flats at Buffalo Pound Provincial Park near Moose Jaw or the Echo Valley Provincial Park Trails to the east of Regina.

Trek through Massold Clay Canyons: Claybank's natural wonder 
Nestled within a 256-acre wildlife sanctuary, the Massold Clay Canyons boast indigenous flora such as prickly-pear cactus and prairie crocuses. Adjacent to the Claybank Brick Plant National Historic Site, this destination offers an ideal setting for a day of exploration.

Step back in time: A 1920s rail adventure in Ogema Embark on a journey with the Southern Prairie Railway in picturesque Southern Saskatchewan. Experience the charm and simplicity of the prairies on this rail adventure reminiscent of the 1920s era.

Explore the depths of darkness: Val Marie's Dark Sky Preserve
The Grasslands National Park Dark Sky Preserve sprawls across 527 square kilometers. Immerse yourself in a sky so dark it's among the world's darkest, where stars twinkle brilliantly and nocturnal wildlife roams undisturbed by light pollution.

Uncover T.Rex History: Explore the T.Rex Discovery Centre in Eastend
In the deep southwest of Saskatchewan lies the T.Rex Discovery Centre, a surprising find given its location. This is where "Scotty," one of the most complete T.Rex skeletons, was unearthed in 1997.Dive into the province's fascinating fossil history with guided tours and the freedom to explore, offering a wealth of knowledge about Saskatchewan's ancient past.

Saskatchewan's Regional Parks: Discover Nature’s Playground

Have you explored one of Saskatchewan's diverse regional parks? Scattered throughout the province, this unique park system offers a wealth of amenities. From excellent camping facilities to golf courses, pristine beaches to refreshing pools, and opportunities for fishing and boating, these parks cater to all outdoor enthusiasts. Plan your adventure at saskregionalparks.ca to uncover the beauty of Saskatchewan's natural playgrounds.

Immerse yourself in culture: Regina's cultural gems
Delve into the rich culture of the Queen City with a variety of cultural attractions. Step back in time at the RCMP Heritage Centre and Government House, explore artistic wonders at the Mackenzie Art Gallery, the Art Gallery of Regina, and the Dunlop Gallery. Discover our natural history at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum and engage in interactive learning at the Saskatchewan Science Centre. 

Beneath Moose Jaw: Uncovering secrets of the tunnels 
The Tunnels of Moose Jaw offer a captivating glimpse into the city's history. These underground passages were once used for secretive activities during the early 20th century, including bootlegging and Chinese immigration. Today, guided tours reveal the fascinating stories and hidden chapters of Moose Jaw's past.