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There’s a lot of information out there about skin care and hair removal, and not all of it is good advice. Instead of reading random blogs and pinboards, let’s take a look at some common myths, and provide some good advice from people in the industry.

Myth: Sunscreen causes cancer.

This idea gets shared a lot on social media, and it’s not true at all. Sunscreen is designed to protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation, which is a known carcinogen. While there have been reports of benzene (a carcinogen) at low levels in sunscreen from other countries, Canada does not allow benzene in sunscreen products. The Canadian Dermatology Association recommends sunscreen as “an important, effective, and scientifically proven method to prevent the harmful effects of the sun, including skin cancer.”

Myth: Hyperpigmentation is permanent.

Hyperpigmentation is a common skin condition where patches of skin are darker in color than the surrounding skin. It can be caused by heat or sun exposure, injuries or hormones. However, with proper treatment over time, hyperpigmentation can be reduced and faded away.

Myth: Pores can be made smaller.

Our skin pores, no matter what you apply, cannot physically be made smaller. However, with appropriate cleaning and skin treatments such as microneedling, you can reduce the appearance of your pores. The size stays the same, but you can reduce their visibility.

Myth: Laser hair removal can’t be done on dark skin.

Laser hair removal can be done on all skin tones. When the technology first appeared, there were limitations, but that is not the case now. It is safe for skins of all shades.

Myth: Laser hair removal gets rid of all hair, permanently.

While it would be great to remove body hair permanently, it’s still not totally possible. However, laser hair removal can take care of about 95 per cent of hair with proper treatment and maintenance.

No matter your skin or hair removal concerns, let an expert help you do what’s best for you and your body. There are many treatment options available out there, and a trained professional can work with to find the solutions that will work best for you. Everyone is unique, so get the right advice from someone who knows.

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