Just get rid of it

It’s never been a better time to declutter

Decluttering your home can refresh and transform your space, and bring a sense of organization and tranquility to your life. If you're ready to declutter and purge, here are some tips to guide you through the process:

Set goals. Define what you want to accomplish. Decide which areas of your home you want to tackle first and set a time to get it done. Setting specific goals will help you stay focused and motivated throughout the decluttering process.

Start small. Begin decluttering with a small, manageable area or a single category of items you want to tackle. It could be a drawer, a closet, or a specific room. Starting small allows you to experience quick progress, motivating you to keep going. You’d be surprised how energizing it can be to see your work pay off.

Organize and categorize. Create categories for your stuff, such as keep, donate, sell, or discard. As you go through each item, make a decision based on its usefulness, sentimental value, or how frequently you use it. Be honest with yourself and let go of things you no longer need or love. This can be hard, especially with kids, but don’t let it stop you. 

Declutter by zones. Divide your home into different zones and focus on decluttering one zone at a time. This systematic approach prevents you from feeling overwhelmed and helps you maintain a sense of order as you progress. Start somewhere where you know you can do a lot in a short amount of time. That way, you can see your progress and get the motivation you need to keep going.

“One In, One Out” rule. Adopt a "one in, one out" rule to prevent future clutter buildup. Whenever you bring a new item into your home, commit to removing a similar item to maintain balance and prevent unnecessary accumulation. This rule is great for kids who tend to have more stuff than any other member of the family. Encourage them to donate toys they don’t use anymore to kids in need. It’s a great way to teach them about the importance of giving and staying organized.

Contain the remains. As you declutter, invest in storage solutions to keep your belongings organized. Buy containers, bins, and shelves to group similar items together and make them easily accessible. Clear storage solutions like transparent boxes or labeled containers can be especially helpful.

Streamline the sentimental. Sentimental items can be the toughest part of decluttering. Instead of keeping everything, choose a few meaningful pieces that truly represent the memories you cherish. Consider taking photos of sentimental objects before letting them go, allowing you to preserve the memories without the physical clutter.

Donate or sell. Gather the items you've decided to part with and donate them to charities or organizations in need. You can  also sell items that are in good condition through garage sales, online platforms, or consignment stores. Not only does this clear space in your home, but it also benefits others and can even earn you some extra money.

Maintain the habit. Once you've decluttered your home, keep on top of regular maintenance and purging. Set aside time every few months to reassess your belongings, get rid of items that no longer serve you, and maintain the organized systems you've established.

Think before you buy. Finally, adopt a mindful approach to consumption. Consider what you buy carefully, focusing on quality over quantity. Avoid impulsive shopping and ask yourself if an item truly adds value to your life before bringing it into your home.

It’s a journey. Decluttering is an ongoing process, and it's important to be patient and kind to yourself. Celebrate your progress and enjoy the newfound space and serenity that comes with a decluttered home. You’ll thank yourself for it!