Make your yard the envy of the neighbourhood

Prairie Trail Co does it all for you

As we eagerly await the arrival of spring and the warmth of summer, thoughts turn to our outdoor sanctuaries - our yards and gardens. Derek Anaquod, the proud owner of Regina's Prairie Trail Co., stands ready to transform your outdoor living space into the envy of the entire block.

Landscaping projects, big or small, find their expert home with Prairie Trail Co. Whether you dream of expansive yards adorned with tranquil water features or prefer the charm of classic designs with flower boxes and a cozy patio, Derek and his team are at your service. "A great yard doesn't have to break the bank," says Derek. "Setting a budget helps narrow down possibilities for your space."

Thinking about how much maintenance you want to do is key. Do you seek a low-maintenance oasis or do you want to be hands-on in the garden? Your answer guides the selection of features best suited to your lifestyle. "Understanding your budget and maintenance will define your project scope and help us choose features, trees, and plants," Derek advises. "Then, it's all about bringing your vision to life."

Prairie Trail Co. is offering summer specials on synthetic lawns starting at $18.00 per square foot, and patios from $21.99 per square foot including labour and materials. Call now for more details.

Prairie Trail Co. also specializes in xeriscaping, a landscaping approach that minimizes the need for lawn mowing. "Many homeowners are looking for  ways to reduce yard work and water consumption, and xeriscaping does that," Derek explains. "We can create stunning designs that are beautiful and only need minimal upkeep and watering."

Every project receives the care and attention Derek would give his own yard. From xeriscapes to serene water features and everything in-between, Prairie Trail Co. delivers based on your preferences. "Flat, ground-level decks and patios, as well as resolving drainage concerns, are also things we can take care of for you," says Derek. Whatever your needs may be, Prairie Trail Co. has you covered. 

If you're gazing out at your yard with a vision for change or need to landscape around a new construction, let Derek and his team do what they do best. "Our work will always reflect your yard, your needs, and your budget," he says. “Call now to book for our summer landscaping season.”

Contact Prairie Trail Co. at (306) 450-4433 to schedule a consultation and visit for further information on bringing your dream outdoor space to life.

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