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Optimal Hearing cares about you and your ears

Optimal Hearing Centre offers:

  • Adult hearing tests

  • Hearing aid technology

  • Hearing aid repairs and cleaning 

  • Earplugs 

  • Ear cleaning

  • Batteries

At Regina’s Southland Mall, there's a special place where ears are cared for with kindness and expertise: Optimal Hearing. Meet Cristina Carteri, a hearing expert with more than 15 years of experience in helping people hear better. For the past six years, Carteri has been running Optimal Hearing, a place dedicated to making sure everyone can hear the world clearly and live happy lives.

Carteri's journey started when she worked in the Ministry of Health's Hearing Aid program. When the program ended in 2017, with the encouragement from her client’s she decided to open her own practice. Her goal was simple: to help people with hearing problems and bring back the beautiful sounds of life.

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At Optimal Hearing, their mission is clear. They want to help people of all ages take care of their hearing. Most of us don’t think about our hearing until there's a problem. Carteri believes in having your hearing checked every two years. “Ears need checkups just like eyes and teeth,” she says. “Good hearing is important to your overall health, and if you haven’t had a hearing test, you should.” It's an easy way to make sure your hearing is healthy. And if there are any issues, Carteri and Optimal Hearing are there to help. 

Helping you when and where you need it

Optimal Hearing goes above and beyond. They don't just wait for people to come to them—they go to the people. Carteri makes special trips to visit seniors who can't make it to the clinic. She believes that everyone should have the chance to hear clearly, no matter where they are.

For those who need hearing aids, she understands that adjusting to them can be a challenge. She guides her clients patiently through this process. It's not just about getting hearing aids. It's about learning to hear again and reconnecting with the world. Regular maintenance is crucial too. Carteri recommends having your hearing aids cleaned professionally a few times a year.

More than just hearing aids

But Optimal Hearing isn’t just about hearing aids. They offer a range of services to fit different needs. Custom earplugs are one of their specialties. Whether you love music, swimming, or working with noisy tools, Optimal Hearing can make earplugs that fit perfectly. These earplugs don’t just protect your ears— they protect your passion too.

Optimal Hearing also educates people about hearing health. Simple advice, like avoiding cotton swabs in your ears and wearing ear protection in loud places, can prevent problems. And if you notice any changes in your hearing, it's important to see a professional right away. Early help can make a big difference.

Find the care for you

Carteri’s expertise and caring nature blend perfectly to provide not just solutions, but also emotional support. With services ranging from hearing tests to personalized earplugs, Optimal Hearing is a place where lives are transformed, one sound at a time.

“I want to express our heartfelt gratitude for allowing Optimal Hearing to be a part of your hearing journey. Your trust and confidence mean the world to us,” says Carteri. “It's a privilege to serve you, and we appreciate working with you and looking forward to many more years helping our clients with their hearing.”

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To start your journey to better hearing, reach out to Optimal Hearing at (306) 559.4411 or visit their website at Don't let hearing problems hold you back. Let Optimal Hearing help you rediscover the joy of hearing, one conversation, one song, and one happy moment at a time.

Did You Know?

Signs of Hearing Loss

  • Muffled speech and sounds: Everyday speech and sounds seem unclear or muffled to you.

  • Difficulty with high-pitched sounds: Struggling to hear high-pitched sounds like birds chirping or doorbells ringing.

  • Challenges in noisy environments: Finding it hard to follow conversations in places with background noise.

  • Phone conversations are challenging: Difficulty hearing speech clearly during phone calls.

  • Requesting clearer communication: Frequently asking people to speak more slowly or clearly.

  • Need for repetition: Often requesting others to repeat what they have said.

  • Increased volume on electronic devices: Turning up the volume on the TV or radio louder than before.

  • Observations from loved ones: Your family and friends noticing they need to speak louder or repeat themselves when talking to you.

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