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UnWINEd with The Wine Cellar

The Wine Cellar has been Regina’s premier destination for all things wine for nearly 29 years. They carry the very best in wine making supplies and provide the expert advice and facilities to make and bottle wine. 

The Wine Cellar carries the top-quality kits you need to get started in the winemaking process, offering Easy Drinking, Premium and Ultra Premium kits that create wines for all tastes and budgets. With a large selection of reds, whites and rosés, their wine kits produce the same quality of wines that commercial wineries do, but cost far less per bottle.

“Customers who are new to craft winemaking are always surprised at how good the wine is,” says Heike Edwards, co-owner. “Winemaking is easy, economical and the finished product is fantastic.”

Get Together

“Making wine with us is simple,” says Heike Edwards, co-owner. “Our wine groups are a tremendous way to make wine and have loads of fun.” The Wine Cellar organizes winemaking groups which bottle on weekends and evenings. “You can set up your own group, join one of our groups with a friend, or join a group of ‘strangers’,” says Heike. “No one stays a stranger for long at our groups. By the time we’re done, everyone is an old friend.” During the two-and-a-half-hour event, six wines are bottled by the members of the group. We have a tasting after each wine is bottled, together with a food pairing (we try to have some unexpected ones) and everyone then takes home five bottles of each variety. “Registration for groups is required, but you can easily do this online or by phone. We will then contact you with further details.” she says. “We have some great groups planned for the fall, including our “Destination Groups” where we will explore the wines of different countries.” “The groups always sell out very quickly so I recommend signing up for our newsletter to get first dibs.”

It’s All Here for You

The Wine Cellar’s on-premises winery is state-of-the-art, sanitized and controlled, and professionally designed to make only the best wine. You choose your kit with The Wine Cellar’s expert help, and they set you up to add the yeast into your wine. Under the guidance of their experienced Winemaker, your kit is turned into wine at The Wine Cellar in four to eight weeks, depending on the kit you chose. When your wine is ready, it’s filtered and then it’s time for you to bottle it at the store using The Wine Cellar’s winery equipment. Their bottle filler fills four bottles at a time up to 600 bottles per hour. Their corker will cork up to 900 bottles per hour. While you’re bottling, enjoy some cheese and crackers to really make it an enjoyable event. The last step is taking your wine home to enjoy. “Our on-premises winery is the perfect place to make your wine. But we also have everything you need in terms of equipment and supplies if you prefer to make your wine at home,” says Heike.

There’s More

The Wine Cellar also offers craft beer and cider kits and does make ciders at the store. “Just like with our wine kits, if you’re making any of the products at home, we are here to provide the products and advice you need,” says Heike. “People are always surprised with the quality of craft made products when they first start out, and everyone loves the lower price per bottle.” The Wine Cellar is also excited to be offering artificial carbonation for wines and ciders in the coming months, so stay tuned for that.

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Find the Wine Cellar at 100 – 2300 Dewdney Avenue in Regina (corner of Dewdney and Lorne) from 10 am to 5 pm Tuesday to Friday and 9.30 am to 5 pm on Saturday, and always online at You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram for promotions.