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Extend the life of your roof with Sask Roof Renew

One question we hear quite often, Darrel Treppel of Sask Roof Renew says, is, “When is a good time to look at rejuvenating my asphalt shingles?” This question typically comes from new homeowners, those who have recently replaced their asphalt shingles and those whose shingles are at or beyond their end of life. 

My response, says Darrel, is, “If your asphalt roof is 6-8 years old, NOW is a good time to start rejuvenating.” As asphalt shingles age, the petro-chemical oils in the asphalt layer begin to dry out and the shingles begin to degrade.  The first indication that your roof is ready for rejuvenation is when you begin to see granular (the small gravel off the shingles) in your gutters, in your yard, or on your deck.  The granular layer of the shingles is critical to your shingles’ health.  This granular layer protects the asphalt layers from damaging UV rays, and the more of this granular your shingles lose, the faster your shingles will degrade, and the shorter their useful life will be.   

The Greener Shingles Rejuvenation System replaces the petro-chemical oils that have naturally deteriorated with natural plant-based oils and restores the shingle’s flexibility and ability to hold on to the protective granular layer. 

Until now, there haven’t been any maintenance products in the market that will help restore an asphalt roof and keep it healthy well into the future.  Maintaining your asphalt shingle roof with a rejuvenation treatment by Sask Roof Renew will essentially slow the aging process by about 85 per cent and we will guarantee it for five years!  That is to say, Darrel continues, that during those five years immediately after treatment, your roof will deteriorate about 85 per cent less than it would have if it had been left untreated. 

Now here is the exiting part:  In most cases your roof can be treated more than once! In five years’ time, we can test your roof and if it is ready, it can be treated again. And in most cases, every five years thereafter. Your roof can continue to be treated until there is less than 60 per cent of the granular left on your shingles. We are so excited and proud to be able to offer a maintenance program for asphalt shingle roofs that will actually help property owners get 30 years out of their 30-year shingles! And for a fraction of the cost of replacing them! From an environmental perspective, rejuvenation keeps asphalt shingles from being replaced prematurely and sent off to the landfills. 

We can help almost any roof, Darrel says, adding “replacing the oils at any point in your shingles’ life cycle will extend the life of your roof.  Replacing the oils is always better than doing nothing.”  

Rejuvenation can help you put off replacement by five, or 10 or even 15+ years.  It’s a great option for almost everyone!  We are happy to come have a look and give you our honest opinion on whether or not we can help!  

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