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Maintaining good hearing is vital for high quality of life, yet it is often a neglected aspect of our well-being. Cristina Carteri, the owner of Optimal Hearing in Regina, is dedicated to ensuring that you have healthy ears and excellent hearing. With a strong commitment to every client, Carteri and her practice provide exceptional care from the very first interaction.

With over fifteen years of experience as a Hearing Aid Practitioner, Carteri established her own practice six years ago, and her passion for her work shines through every moment. Whether you require a hearing test, hearing aids, or any other product or service offered by Optimal Hearing, Carteri provides the care and guidance you need.

Optimal Hearing is dedicated to helping individuals take care of their hearing. Unfortunately, many people only address their hearing when problems are noticed by themselves or their loved ones. Similar to eye and dental check-ups, regular ear check-ups are essential. Good hearing is crucial for overall health, and if you haven't had a hearing test, now is the time. "Establishing a baseline for your hearing is important," says Carteri. "If any issues arise, a hearing expert will have a starting point for recommendations." She suggests a hearing test every two years.

Optimal Hearing is prepared to assist you and your loved ones with a range of hearing services. Hearing tests are simple and do not require a referral. "It's never too early to have your hearing checked, and it significantly impacts your health and quality of life," says Carteri.

Discover more about what Optimal Hearing can offer you by visiting their website at www.optimalhearing.ca or contacting them at 306.559.4411 for further information.

Caring for your hearing doesn’t have to be complicated 

Let’s bust some myths about your ears and your hearing 

Myths about hearing loss are common today and often leading to misunderstandings and misinformation about this common condition. Let's shed light on the truth about hearing loss and help you understand what it means. 

Myth 1: Only seniors experience hearing loss 

Reality: While age-related hearing loss is commonplace, anyone can be affected. Exposure to loud noises, genetics, infections, certain medications, and waves to the underlying medical conditions can all contribute to hearing loss at any age. 

Myth 2: Hearing loss is always a result of loud noise exposure.

Reality: While loud noise can be a significant factor, hearing loss can also be caused by various factors, including aging, ear infections, trauma, certain diseases and family history.

Myth 3: Hearing loss only affects the ears.

Reality: Hearing loss affects the ears and has significant implications for your overall health and well-being It can lead to social isolation, depression, cognitive decline and reduced quality of life if left unaddressed.

Myth 4: If someone has hearing loss they can’t enjoy music anymore.

Reality: Hearing loss does not mean the end of enjoying music. Modern hearing aids have advanced technologies that can improve music listening experiences for individuals with hearing loss.

Myth 5: There is nothing one can do to prevent hearing loss

Reality: While some forms of hearing loss cannot be prevented, healthy hearing practices can reduce the risk. These include wearing ear protection in loud environments, limiting exposure to excessive noise and avoiding the use of cotton swabs to clean the ears. Taking care of your ears can do a lot to help.

By being better educated about hearing loss means we can foster better understanding and support for individuals with hearing loss. If you or someone you love is struggling with hearing loss, now is the time to get help.