Treating the Whole Family from Two Legged to Four Legged

Humans aren’t the only ones who have unique medication needs; we can care for animals too! Customizing medications for animals is a specialized field requiring extensive training, equipment, and chemicals not found in traditional pharmacies. The experienced team at The Northgate Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy has advanced training that enables us to provide solutions to animal medication challenges.

Do you:

  • Have difficulty “coaxing” your pet to take their medicine?

  • Need a medication that is not available in the strength, flavor, or size that is best for your pet?

  • Wish for a dosage form or delivery system that allows you to avoid scratches and bites?

When an animal enjoys the taste of a medication, administration is no longer a chore. At our pharmacy, we can flavor medications to appeal to animals such as fish or tuna flavor for cats, beef or peanut butter for dogs, tutti fruitti for birds, and banana for exotics. If medications are particularly bitter, we have special additives to mask the bitterness or can suggest alternative dosage forms. We can combine several medications into a single convenient preparation. Medications can also be prepared in a different form such as a transdermal gel that can be rubbed into the inside of your pet’s ear. Sometimes a novel delivery system like accordion-like puffers for applying powder to the inside of an ear or dauber bottles for painting medication on a hoof is required. Our team has years of experience and is trained to think outside the box.

Often, medications that are needed for animals are only commercially available as human drugs that are flavoured for people and in doses appropriate for humans. In order to administer a dose that is safe for a small animal, a tablet may need to be broken into pieces or liquids may need to be carefully administered in very small amounts. On the other hand, to treat a horse, each dose may be several tablets or capsules or a large volume of liquid medication. By working closely with pet owners/animal caregivers and veterinarians, we can help by customizing medications in the best dose and most appropriate dosage form/flavour for animal’s of any size and species.

Sometimes a medication is discontinued or unavailable in the strength or dose that is best for your animal. Using the highest quality ingredients and specialized compounding equipment, we can prepare medications in just the right strength, size, and form for your pet.

The pharmacists at The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy can compound medications to meet each animal's unique needs including:

  • Medicated transdermal gels can be applied to the inside of an animal's ear to treat problems such as thyroid disease or motion sickness.

  • Options for urinary incontinence and pain management

  • Topical anti-inflammatories for joint problems

  • Flavoured medicated chewies/treats

  • Protective medicated adherent wound covering

Whether your pet has fur, feathers, fins, or scales, The Northgate Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy can help solve your medication challenges! Experience The Medicine Shoppe Difference.