Unveiling Attic Rain:

How Failed Air Barriers Dampen Homes In Frosty Climates

Picture this: a cozy winter evening, the fireplace crackling, and a steaming mug of cocoa in hand. Yet, unbeknownst to many homeowners, a silent menace lurks above—the dreaded attic rain. 

In the frigid realms of colder climates, where winters reign supreme, the attic stands as the unsung hero, shielding homes from the icy embrace outside. But when air barriers falter, a domino effect ensues, leading to a catastrophe that unfolds silently yet ruthlessly.

Enter attic rain—a misnomer that conjures images of stormy skies, yet its origins are far more insidious. Rather than precipitation from above, attic rain is born from within, as warm, moisture-laden air seeps stealthily into the attic space, seeking refuge from the chill below.

As this unwelcome intruder encounters the cold surfaces of the attic—think frost-kissed undergoes a transformation, condensing into droplets of water. Over time, these droplets amass, saturating insulation, corroding wooden structures, and nurturing the growth of mold and mildew in their wake.

But fear not, for salvation lies in fortifying the defences against attic rain. It begins with the meticulous installation and vigilant upkeep of air barriers, sealing every nook and cranny to create an impregnable shield against infiltration. Regular inspections become the frontline defence, detecting and remedying any breaches in the barrier’s armour.

Yet, no fortress is complete without proper building envelope ventilation—a secret weapon in the battle against attic rain. Strategically placed exhaust vent systems like bathroom, kitchen and dryer systems remove stale used air and usher in a breath of fresh air, expelling excess moisture from the home and thwarting its attempts to wreak havoc. 

1. After repeated saturation from vapour/air barrier failure, the insulation is compressed, and the roof deck is deteriorating, and the roof shingles will fail shortly 2. Repeated wet of the underside of the sheathing, will promote, mold and mildew as seen here 3. Mold forming in the insulation and on the inside wall of the attic 4. Improper installed bathroom exhaust, causing significant issues! 5. A little airloss for a long winter creates a major issue in this attic, insulation was yellow, the white is all frost! 6. A little frost is normal, but a lot in a isolated location is problematic!

AT Ultimate Insulation, we’re not just in the business of keeping homes warm; we’re guardians against the clandestine menace of attic rain. With our arsenal of cutting-edge insulation solutions and seasoned expertise, we stand ready to fortify your home against the ravages of winter.

So, as the snowflakes dance outside and the winds howl their icy lanes, rest easy knowing that your home is safeguarded against the stealthy threat of attic rain. Contact Ultimate Insulation today at 306.205.7366 and embark on a journey to weatherproof tranquility.

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